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The Neuroscience of Early Childhood Development

Neuroscience is the study of how the human nervous system develops and functions. The subcategories of computational, cognitive, cultural, linguistic and developmental neuroscience focus on different pathways in learning. We can derive a greater understanding of how our minds develop, what influences higher education functions, and how to better retain information from the science behind learning from neuroscience.

Neuroscience should be used as a way to understand key issues in early childhood development and education. I am not saying that it should be the main way to accomplish this, but it adds another approach to an essential field of study.

To accurately respond to the needs of young children and to help them grow in developmentally appropriate ways, we have to take a multi-view approach. We are currently seeing more early childhood practitioners and experts discuss the importance of brain science, and the need for early childhood educators to have a deep understanding of neuroscience, and how the human mind works.